iCS Decoder for iCopy-X



ICS Decoder for iCopy-X   accessory allows for iCS decoding and cloning. Until now, cloning of SE and SEO-S has been impossible. However most systems still have legacy card acceptance enabled in their configuration. This device combination can decode SE and SEO-S cards, and then generate an new card with legacy encoding.

ICS Decoder for iCopy-X   For pentesters, this exposes an entirely new in-scope attack surface. Likewise, LEA can use the device to make rapid clones in the field of a previously impossible badge type.


  • The decoder will only work for target systems that are configured to accept legacy cards. This is the default configuration.
  • This technique will not work on all iCLASS SE® readers. Coverage is approximate 85%.
  • The decoder is an accessory – it requires an iCopy-X.

Comes with:

  • 1x decoder
  • 3x Compatible Blank Cards (One-Time-Write) – iCL (legacy), iCE (elite), iCS (SE/SEO-S)
  • 1x USB Type-C to Type-C cable

Setup is quick and simple

  1. Plug the decoder into the iCS Decoder for iCopy-X using the provided USB-C Cable. The device will be automatically recognized. If it is not recognized after 5 seconds, unplug and replug the device.
  2. Place the target card on the decoder.
  3. The iCopy-X will decode the card, and display the CSN, Facility Code and Card Number.
  4. Disconnect the iCS Decoder.
  5. The iCopy-X will prompt for a compatible tag (“iCS”)
  6. Place the blank card on the iCopy-X, and proceed with the write.
WEIGHT 0.5 lbs
DIMENSIONS 3 × 5 × 1.5 in


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