KrakenSDR is a software-defined, coherently operated, five-RX-channel radio based on RTL-SDR. A coherent radio allows for very interesting applications, such as radio direction finding, and beamforming.

Features & Specifications

  • Five-channel, coherent-capable RTL-SDR, all clocked to a single local oscillator
  • Built-in automatic coherence synchronization hardware
  • Automatic coherence synchronization and management via provided Linux software
  • 24 MHz to 1766 MHz tuning Range (standard R820T2 RTL-SDR range, and possibly higher with hacked drivers)
  • 4.5 V bias tee on each port
  • Core DAQ and DSP software is open source and designed to run on a Raspberry Pi 4
  • Direction-finding software for Android (free for non-commercial use)

The KrakenSDR replaces the KerberosSDR product.

Note: KrakenSDR does not include the require USB-C power supply and data cable, and does not include application specific antennas.

WEIGHT 2 lbs
DIMENSIONS 10 × 6 × 2 in

Kraken Antenna Set

WEIGHT 1.6 lbs
DIMENSIONS 9 × 6 × 3 in


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